Writing and Editing


I write anything you require, whatever the law topic or legal development.  Whether it’s tax or crime, GDPR or Brexit, property or copyright, or how to raise business finance – I’ll cover it.  


The key issue for you is the way it is written, because every client is unique.   Accuracy is a given, but my clients differ in whether they want a formal or informal style of legal writing.  It also depends on the product they need: a solicitors' firm may need a short, informal blog – while a legal association may want formal, newsletter written in the third person.

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Editing is a vital part of the writing process, particularly in the context of lengthier pieces of writing, such as books, legal and business reports, legal guides, and white papers.


Do you need expert large-scale editing of a document?  

Or do you just need to have an experienced legal eye cast over your draft? 

Or maybe you need an editor on a regular basis?

I edit lengthy White Papers and reports, as well as short monthly case summaries.

Call me on 07984 278590 or email me


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